About Us

     We are a premier tobacco store situated in a historic Pennsylvania Cigar Factory.  Bringing over two decades of tobacco experience to the retail environment, we strive to find the best products in every price range.  We have a wide and ever growing selection of premium cigars and cigar related accessories.  We also carry cigarillos, infused, and bundled cigars.  We have an extensive pipe and pipe tobacco section. Inside the store we have two charming and comfortable lounge areas, one public and one private.   We offer a refuge away from the stresses of life.  

     We, Amber and Chris, took over the Sir Stogies cigar store on November 1, 2017.   The previous owners, Tim and Sandy, built the store out of love: love for each other, love for the building, and love for cigars.  We were touched by the atmosphere they created.  When presented with the opportunity to continue their dream we jumped at the chance, while giving it our own touch.